PC "Perfectionist" Achievement Guide By SuddenNom Version:Alpha

This guide is up-to-date as of the patch 7.35b. Any peer edits regarding future changes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks/Kudos to "a pants wizard" and "RevWhatever" for helping me with this guide.

of this guide is complete.

Basic Facts

  • If a single crystal takes a single point of damage, you nust restart the map
  • You must get the award on medium difficulty or higher.
  • You should be at least level forty-fifty with decent gear before you go trying to solo this.
  • For boss levels, the boss won't usually go for your crystal, so as long as you don't let the mobs touch your crystal, you should be fine.
  • You may already have the award on multiple maps, so check your records on your tavern's crystal before you start doing the maps.


  • If you want to solo this achievement, you'll want to have a decent tower character, and squire/apprentice would probably be best, as they have the best towers for soloing.
  • During the first few maps, you can rely more heavily on using DPS characters to defend the crystal, but once you start getting to maps with multiple crystals, it'll get a lot harder.
  • Don't be afraid to rely on towers, it's their job to protect whatever area you give them.


  • If you're doing it in a group, the easiest, most pain-free way of doing it is having one person be a builder and everybody else be a DPS character.
  • The tower can build during build phase, and even during attack phase, while the rest kill off anything they see, and repair/upgrade.

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