I did this guide because I didn't see anybody doing one and some people still may not know this. As for the EU server, nearly everybody I see online is "trying" to do this one, because you can easily level without any problems. So I thought, why not share it with the players on the other side too?

There will be a short and long version.

Short version: Do Mistymire Insane with 4 people. Everyone takes a lane, don't build, don't let the crystal be attacked, and don't get hurt. Only do the first wave, and restart it when you're finished with the wave.
This gives approximately 180,000 experience per run.

  • Mistymore Insane with 4 people
  • Everyone takes 1 lane
  • No building/getting hit/crystal getting hit
  • 1st wave only

Long version:

Who should use this guide?

This guide is for everybody, who has problems with Glitter or Morrago and can't level the way other players can. If you can barely solo glitter I recommend you this guide. You dont even need that kind of "uber" gear. If you do 5-10k Dps it will be enough to survive this.

Which Map?

The map is Mistymire Forest on Insane.


The map is relatively easy and gives a lot of experience with very little risk, since there won't be any orges, spiders, or wyverns in the first wave.

What do we get doing this?

You can get up to 200k exp for every run of 1 wave. 1 wave takes about 60 seconds, which means if you're fast enough you can get 200k exp each minute.

On the other hand, 1 glitterhelm insane run takes around 15 min and yields approximately 1.5 to 2mil exp solo. 200k per minute for 15 minutes is 3mil, an overall gain over Glitterhelm Caverns.

Why do we get so much exp?

Simple. Multipliers. You get multipliers in Dungeon defenders if you achieve certain goals in a wave. There are 3 main multipliers:

No Crystal Damage = 1.3x
No Player Damage = 1.3x
Only Weapons Used = 1.3x
These three DO stack, giving up to 2.197 times the amount of experience!

As for the base experience to get multiplied, this primarily comes from the time you take to complete the wave. A faster time will give more experience, so be hasty! The other sources of base experience are completing the round, and killing monsters during gameplay.

How are we going to accomplish this?

As mentioned before, only play through the first wave. Don't build towers, and avoid letting any monsters reach the core. Oh, and try not to take any damage! After wave 1, restart, and do it all again. It's recommended to attempt this with four players (One for each lane). Four players will bring 360 monsters in the first wave.

Here is the "build". Please take a look into the notes in the bottom right screen of cubicleninja to UNDERSTAND the "build"

I copied the notes in here too, so there wont be any misunderstanding.

Player1=Red trap, App wall=his chests
Player2=Green trap, App Magic Missile=his chests
Player3=Orange trap, App Fireball turrent=his chests
Player4=Blue trap, Lighting tower=his chests

Traps = Where the players should stand.
The Towers mean which player gets which chest.

A lot dps isn't needed; a crystal tracker with 1k base damage or a Blasticus with 700 to 1000 damage should be plenty.

I prefer to do this with Huntress, but a fast Squire, a tower-based Monk, or Apprentice with a good weapon should also get the job done. Happy leveling!

Now you know the general concept I will now tell you the "Ins and Outs":

  1. The game starts; The players taking the bottom and bottom-right lanes near the Bridge crystal (bottom one)jump at that crystal and activate it. Go straight to your lane.
  2. At the same time, the player who is going to take the top-right lane jumps and activates the crystal on his way for no time loss.
  3. The last guy, who is going to take the top-left lane, will turn around at his spawn and activate the crystal behind him on his way to his lane.
  4. Once you finish off the last of the monsters, wait until all the exp is counted and have the host restart the game immediately. Repeat the above steps.

Times (And approximate scores):

53 seconds = 150k exp.
50 seconds = 175k exp.
Best time: 49 seconds.
Time to open the menu and restart: 2 seconds.
Time for skipping cutscenes: Approximately 3 seconds.
Time for chests: 10-15 seconds.
One run can be achieved quite easily within 55 seconds.

So that's how you do it!

Here's some pros and cons for this method:


  • Fast experience with a low chance of failure.
  • You can level with your friends easily.
  • Easy to explain over voice comms.
  • You can do other things at the same time.
  • No need to repair.


  • Can only level one character per person.
  • You won't get any drops.
  • US players who freeze have problems doing this.
  • Can get boring.

You may change this guide as you want and give me tips or correct me in terms of info and spelling because I am German and my main language is not English. The real reason why I do this, is to improve my English. Even tho I stand grade A in English, I still think that a lot of improvement can be done so help me with it If you have question feel free to ask me.
I would appreciate it if you could take some of your time to write a review, but please keep it civil if you have something to criticize.

Thanks for taking your time, to read my guide.

Credits go for happyguy3216 who had a "guide" to it which I didn't notice up until he wrote it down. Also please note that my guide is not based on his.
What I or others added or edited/changed: 29.4.12 - did some overall changes to the guide. Nothing really new.
same day: added the Small version also i added the extra fast way and some random info.

30.4.12 : Added some Cons and pros. Also some more side-infos have been added. A lot more spelling and sentences structure fixes.

3.5.12 : I want to thank AngelHavoc and Batly for taking their time to edit my guide and make it even better. It is now a lot easier to read and understand. They edited a lot of my spelling mistakes and made my sentence structure correct. I have compared my old guide to this and I am going to try to learn from my mistakes.

7.5.12 : Until now I didn't notice me saying xx.xx.11 in the credits then xx.xx.12 . Changed that :).

Contentwise 100% is done.

Original Thread by me in :

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