Released 1 November 2011

Patch Notes

  • Squire
    • Increased Squire Tower DPS by 30% from 7.06 (sorry about the over-nerf folks -- some reduction was necessary but that was too much)
    • Increased Squire Harpoon, Bowling Ball, & Slicer HP ramps by 25%
    • Slice & Dice Tower Z-check will only ignore stuff well above it, not below it (so it'll once again chop goblins and such approaching from below)
    • Spike Blockades HP ramp reduced by about 15%
  • Apprentice
    • Increased DST (Death Strike) Attack Rate Ramp by 10%
    • Increased Lightning Tower AOE Ramp by 15%
    • Increased Fireball Tower splash radius 33% and 25% projectile flight-speed increase
    • Implemented exponential falloff to Mage Staff Knockback radius to prevent overlarge values
    • Magic Blockades HP ramp reduced by about 10%
  • Fixed
    • Fixed Private Match joining bug.
    • All Elemental Towers & Traps & Auras will no longer trigger/target on enemies that are of that element type
    • Increased repair speed vs Tower HP (higher HP towers will now repair significantly faster than before, as exponential falloff is applied to the repair time)
    • Fixed bug where Auras weren't reporting Summoned to the status text area
  • NPC
    • Reduced Kobold explosion AoE to pre-7.06 value
    • Beefed up Ogre's HP in singleplayer by 40%
  • Spooktacular!
    • Make Spooktacular a teensy bit more difficult: more simultaneous enemies and a slightly tougher enemy ramp. On the other hand, made Spooktacular loot drops (not rewards) better and more rare.
  • UI
    • More dropped items are allowed on the ground proportional to how many players are in the game

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