Released 2 November 2011

Patch Notes

  • You can now Pause an online game (private or public) as long as there are no other network players in it. When someone joins, it'll unpause. If you want permanent pause on a private game, hide your game via the pause menu (more robust functionality will be forthcoming)
  • Fixed potential TrendyNet rollback and client-side-connection issue (client-side changes)
  • Altered dropped-item rarity calculation slightly, so you'll now see some of the rare loot (rare weapon variants etc.) occasionally drop on the more challenging difficulties
  • Squire fixes: Attack Rate now scales correctly on Harpoon & Bowling Ball Towers, now can fire multiple times per second etc. Harpoon projectile flight speed increased by 20%. Bowling Ball Projectiles velocity-loss/expiration time fixed so that they can travel as far as the tower's Attack Range. Harpoon & Bowling Ball Towers Damage Ramp increased by 10%. Harpoon Tower now costs 5 DU's, Bowling Ball Tower now costs 6 DU's (both down by 1). Harpoon Turrets now prioritize air targets higher than ground targets.
  • Currently working on slight low-end Genie mana granting buff... numbers soon

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