Released 16 November 2011

Patch Notes

  • PvE: Kills (Tower and Hero) XP is now given to all players in Coop! (Shared, but not divided)
  • PvE: Big overhaul to the item generation system: item drops (chests and mobs) are now scaled differently based on difficulty and wave number, capable exceeding their previous limits, so that on the highest waves on the toughest difficulties, you're going to get items that can even beat out the challenge/boss rewards! (rarity of course still comes into play)
  • PvE: Equalized the Apprentice and Squire Hero Damage ramps (exponents and multipliers) with the Monk's -- this results in an approximate 10-15% buff to the Apprentice & Squire Hero Weapon Damage Output at high-end.
  • PvE: Monk Ensnare Auras now cost 3 DU's, and Electric Auras now cost 4 DU's
  • All: Steam LAN play (Online->Open mode, then switch to "LAN Games" at the top) now works, confirmed!
  • All: Retroactive 37% one-time nerf to Elemental Damage on pre-existing weapons, commensurate with the drop in Elemental Damage upgrade potential
  • All: Raised Mana Bank to 50,000,000 to better suit the higher-quality items which can now be acquired
  • All: Retroactive Chicken Upgrade -- Chickens now have a minimum of 45 Upgrade Levels and a Minimum Damage
  • All: Enabled "Valve Anti Cheat" system, finally finally finally! Took a while to work through how to move to a Game-server driven system.
  • All: Steam "Recent Players" list now shows up & works
  • All: Fixed First Person Weapon jitters
  • All: Made all Apprentice Projectiles have the same (better) Damage Values as his Yellow-Colored Projectiles
  • PvP: Fixed Player Respawn Times on CTF

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