Released 16 December 2011

Patch Notes

Eternia Shards DLC

All Modes

  • Fixed a GPU memory leak crash involving any mission with Terrain
  • Possible to sell/buy items with a value above 100 million now.
  • Added Adjustable Camera Field-Of-View Options slider
  • Fixed 1-byte Stat overflow bug, and Raised maximum Per-Item Hero/Defense Stat to 360 (not a total cap, just on each individual item, up from 126)
  • Changed Pet XP earnings to 100% of earned XP, up from 50%
  • Fixed a Secure-Trade failure bug
  • Fixed a UMF enemy-stuck area
  • Added optional damage-red material flash when any object or character takes damage
  • Raised Level Cap to 74
  • items will now automatically remove from web listing when sold, dropped, or traded, and will switch between web Shop and web Inventory if moved between in-game Shop and Inventory respectively.
  • listing name will now automatically match in-game shop name
  • Damage resistance no longer reduces incoming momentum (knockback) from hits
  • Moved shake-camera and step-towards-target options to the general options panel
  • Made ALL Missions and Challenges have Leaderboards
  • Added next/previous page buttons to the Play Statistics UI level list
  • Nerfed Animus Damage by 33% (retroactive)
  • Changed Piercing Shot & Piercing Spreadshot cooldown time from 1.25 seconds to 4 seconds
  • TrendyNet will no longer accept connection from pre-7.13 game versions
  • Increased non-equipment Stat point cap from 100 to 120

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