Patch Notes

  • Added optional "Hardcore Nightmare" Mode, no respawns allowed during Combat phase (but you don't lose until your core is destroyed). Yields slightly better loot & more XP than regular Nightmare Mode, and later further rewards.
  • Reduced Nightmare Player Resistance Multiplier from 50% to 40%
  • Fixed Enemy stuck-case on UMF South Door Spawn Area
  • Added two training dummies to Deeper Well for NM DPS testing
  • Fixed a return-to-tavern crash bug (THE return-to-tavern crash bug?)
  • Double respawn wait-time in nightmare
  • 40% reduction on Trap/Aura effective range on Nightmare
  • Increased Nightmare Wyvern flight speed by 40%
  • Fixed nightmare health swapping bug
  • Fixed Search Filter mission list button-disappearing bug
  • Fixed bug where search filters were erroneously applied to AFK Shops and Invites
  • Fixed mobile data importing bug
  • Fixed bug where full-set armor bonus sometimes wasn't immediately applied upon picking up an armor
  • Imp / Engineer repairs now scale up with the current mode's Tower HP -- so they'll be much more effective on Nightmare.
  • Added the ability (default + and - buttons) for trappers and aura-users to scale the size of the trap/aura they're placing down
  • Zamira Armor "Level 94" requirement fixed, retroactively (is now 74)
  • nightmare healing aura back at 100% effectiveness
  • nightmare reduced HP scaling (and player incoming damage) by 37% to make Fairies and Healing Auras more effective
  • fix for enemies timing-out / jumping around when no target
  • fix for ogres ignoring blockades that they're running into
  • Hero Level Search Filter now goes up to 80 (not actually fixed until 7.15a)

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