Released 20th February 2012

Patch Notes

  • Added "Battle Royale" Event content...
  • Switched TrendyNet encryption API to use custom libraries, not Win32 cryptography. Should resolve the few remaining cases of people unable to connect to TrendyNet due to crypto failure.
  • Added support for Mac crossplatform-play
  • Reduced Spider Web toss range by 33% (confirming there was no change to spider webs to make them tougher, but this should make them better to deal with in any case)
  • Made "Default" color template for costumes re-select that costume's default colors
  • Fixed misc Apprentice Projectile variants to not be weaker than Apprentice's standard projectile
  • Player Shops no longer allow selling items > 150 million if it will exceed the 2 billion mana bank limit
  • Buffed NM DPS pets by 10%
  • CTF PvP maps now also available in "Open" mode

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