Released 16 March 2012

Patch Notes

  • Mac: Configuration Tool keybindings now save properly
  • Added "Lucky Community Costume Pack" outfits!
  • Added Djinn Arrival Notification
  • Genie King Boss attacks no longer damage Eternia Crystals
  • Gas Traps can now stun Djinn
  • Djinn fleeing behavior further adjusted to make them more melee-attackable
  • Reduced Djinn spawn by approx 40% throughout NM Survival (beyond-Campaign) waves
  • Djinn Spell-Casting Interruption reduced from 15% of HP to 7.5% of HP
  • Ranged Towers Prioritized to Target Djinn over ground-based units
  • Eliminated Djinn spawns from Pure Strat mode
  • Fixed a case where the PC game would hang if you shut it down by clicking the (X) button while in an online game

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