Dungeon Defenders Achievements List

This is the current list of Achievements for Dungeon Defenders. A total of 45 Achievements are available. A special, incredipet, super pet is offered if you can complete all these Achievements.

You can view which Achievements you have accomplished by starting Dungeon Defenders and taping the Statistics button on the main menu. After taping Statistics, tap Accomplshments just below the close button.

The Achievements listed below have been organized to be better readable.

All Levels

Name Task Difficulty*
Dungeon Crawler Completed all levels on any difficulty setting Easy
Dungeon Raider Completed all levels on Hard MediumHard
Dungeon Defender Completed all levels on Insane! Congratulations Brave Dungeon Defender! Very Hard
Team Effort Completed all levels with 4 active players on >= Medium Difficulty MediumHard
From The Depths Completed all Area 1 levels on any difficulty setting Very Easy
Belly of the Beast Completed all Area 1 levels on Hard Medium
From Fire with Brimstone Completed all Area 1 levels on Insane Hard
To the Rooftops Completed all Area 2 levels on any difficulty setting Very Easy
The Body of the Beast Completed all Area 2 levels on Hard MediumHard
Through the Crowed Keep Completed all Area 2 levels on Insane Very Hard


Name Task Difficulty*
Where are the Blueprints? Completed No Towers Allowed on >= Medium Difficulty Medium
Friends Forever Completed Unlikely Allies on >= Medium Difficulty Medium
DeLorean Core Completed Warping Core on >= Medium Difficulty EasyMedium
"Ella, Ella" Completed Raining Goblins on >= Medium Difficulty Medium
Wizard Hunter Completed Wizardry on >= Medium Difficulty Medium
You No Take Mushroom Completed Ogre Crush on >= Medium Difficulty Medium
Speed Freak Completed Zippy Terror on >= Medium Difficulty Medium
In a Fowl Mood Completed Chicken on >= Medium Difficulty Medium
A Challenger Appears Completed all Challenges on >= Medium Difficulty! Are you ready for INSANE? MediumHard
Weapon Master Completed No Towers Allowed on Insane Difficulty MediumHard
Kobold Exterminator Completed Zippy Terror on Insane Difficulty Hard
Singing in the Rain Completed Raining Goblins on Insane Difficulty Very Hard
Orgre Block Party Completed Ogre Crush on Insane Difficulty Very Hard

Pure Strategy and Survival

Name Task Difficulty*
Defense is the Best Offense* Reached Wave 10 on all levels in Pure Strategy on >= Medium Difficulty Medium
Iron Man Reached Survival Wave 10 on Insane Difficulty Hard
Survivalist Reached Survival Wave 15 on >= Medium Difficulty Medium
Tough Guy Reached Survival Wave 15 on >= Hard Difficulty Hard
Thick Skin Reached Survival Wave 20 on >= Medium Difficulty MediumHard


Name Task Difficulty*
Smithy You upgraded your first equipment. keep it up! Very Easy
And This is My Weapon You upgraded an Equipment to its maximum potential! Easy
To The Limit Wore a completed set of maximum level Equipments Easy
Divine Intention Picked up a Godly Weapon Easy
O Mighty Smiter! Wore a full set of Godly Items Easy

Character Advancement

Name Task Difficulty*
Good Student Completed the Tutorial. You deserve a cookie! Very Easy
Pupil Reached Hero Level 10 Easy
Veteran Reached Hero Level 30 Easy
Defender of Etheria Reached Hero Level 60 Easy
Group Hug Raised a Hero of each type to Level 60 (App, Monk, Huntress, Squire) Easy


Name Task Difficulty*
True Nobility Earned the Lord Award on >= Medium Difficulty Medium
Perfectionist Earned the Flawless Victory Award on at least 4 Missions on >= Normal Difficulty Easy
Daredevil Earned Skin of Your Teeth Award on 4 Missions Medium
Mastermind Earned the Master Strategist Award on all Missions Medium
Brute Force Earned the Gunslinger Award on all Missions Medium
Master Banker Stored 500,000 Mana in your Mana Bank Easy


Name Task Difficulty*
Legendary Defender You have earned every Dungeon Defenders Accomplishment! Trendy salutes you! Insane
  • Very Easy, Easy, EasyMedium, Medium, MediumHard, Hard, Very Hard, Insane

Achievement Notes

  • Area 1/Area 2 refer to the maps up to and including a boss. The Deeper Well through Alchemical Laboratory is Area 1. Servants Quarters through The Throne Room is Area 2.
  • Most Achievements that require a certain difficulty can be completed on any difficulty equal to or greater than what is listed. i.e. you can complete all Survival Achievements on Insane.
  • Lord Award is given when you kill 15 monsters within 5 seconds.
  • Defense is the Best Offense will require you to get past wave 10. i.e. you need to reach wave 11 then lose.
  • Legendary Defender gives you the Familiar Kain

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