All Alphi's Tower Guide By Phlaix Version:1.00
A little extra

Tower Support

Of course your towers are going to need some help from time to time so It kinda makes sense for you to try and defend your towers when they need your help. This of course means that you either need A) a good weapon with high elemental damage so you can thin the hordes when your defenses are struggling you can act like another tower.

But my personal favorite option B) is to place down monk auras that mean your towers have more time to aim and shoot, less health to take off, or maybe some monsters walking the wrong way hitting each other. Either way monk auras mean that you can be off somewhere else for longer without having to go back and help your defenses all the time.

The Tower And The Hero

Now obviously the tower helps the hero and vice-versa so there are numerous ways to help out each other.

This section is mainly focused on when there aren't enough DU so you simply act as another tower. In this instance the best thing to do is build your self a spike blockade and a healing/electric aura this way the hero can keep those esky goblins still while you go charging through their ranks again and again.

Now obviously the towers need help from time to time but I've already gone over that


Now I would go over this again and again but there is already a wiki for that, Dungeon Defenders Answers If you have questions put them over there and I will guarantee (as the admin) that we'll try and answer your question ASAP

Well I hope that answers all your thoughts again I will say this guide was co-edited by Playing on a netbook!

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