An Animus (pl. Animi) is one of the Undead Heroes who have returned to help their living counterparts.


Animi are Trendy Entertainment's response to Android users who wanted a Guardian Hero pet from the 4.2 error that happened to iOS users.

Animus damage is multiplied by a number depending on hero attack stat (not hero DPS).

  • At 50, animus deals additional 90% of its base damage
  • At 100, animus deals additional 150% of its base damage

The four versions that are known to exist are:

Damage calculation

Mythical Squire Animus on Nightmare Hardcore mode
Data is from April 2, 2012
Hero strength Damage (per arrow x Animus damage stat)
0 0.72
120 1.40
241 2.10
320 2.28
451 2.53
753 2.97
873 3.11

With an Animus damage stat of 1625 and a hero strength stat of 873, an Animus does 3.11*1625=5058 damage per arrow. If a maxed out Animus fires 3 arrows per shot, and maxed out rate of fire (6) is 2x per second, that makes 5058*3*2=30348 physical DPS on Nightmare mode.


  • Nerfed Animus Damage by 33% (retroactive) 16 Dec. 2011 - 7.13 Update

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