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The Aperture Science HPD Mk2 (ASHPD) Mk2 is a level 78 Huntress and Series EV weapon. It is one of the items included in the Steam Pre-order DLC. However, instead of appearing in a crate in the player's tavern upon first arrival, players must obtain the Hardcore Mythical Defender achievement to receive it. Players get one version of this weapon, both for Ranked and Open/Local play.


The ASHPD does no damage on its own. Instead, it can create two interdimensionally linked gateways, allowing players and monsters to move instantly between two spots on the map. Unlike the original Portal Gun, this version creates the portals in midair a few steps from the player, and each portal is toggled open and shut with Primary Fire (for the blue portal) and Secondary Fire (for the orange portal).


  • The weapon's ammo acts as a timer until the weapon will automatically deactivate both portals.
  • Manually deactivating one of the portals will interrupt ammo consumption, thus maintaining the other portal.
  • The weapon's Hero Attack bonuses simply boosts the damage of the Huntress's Piercing Shot or Series EV's Proton Charge Blast.
  • 5 weapon ammo is consumed each second both portals are active.
  • 25 weapon ammo is regenerated each second one or no portals are active.


  • The ASHPD originally debuted in the game Portal, a puzzle game which relied on this unique device.
  • If the Portal Gun is fired in the Tavern, the weapon will make a clicking noise and not create the portal. This more than likely is a way to keep others but the Host from entering the hidden room.
  • The ASHPD Mk2 was released in response to its well-received usage as a secondary weapon for the Series EV. It allows players to utilize the weapon's portals whilst firing primary weapon.
  • This weapon cannot be used in the Etherian Holiday Extravaganza challenge.

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