The Apprentice Animus is a type of familiar. It can only be equipped by the Apprentice, Adept, and Series EV.

It attacks enemies with multiple heroic arrows. These arrows can penetrate through walls and have a damage multiplier based on the Hero's Damage stat.

Unlock Conditions

Players will automatically receive an Apprentice Animus after defeating the Ancient Dragon in The Summit on at least Insane difficulty while playing as an Apprentice or Adept.


  • The Apprentice Animus has a level requirement of 60. However, this is increased to level 74 for items of Mythical Quality.
  • As of PC patch 7.16c, Animi are now 7x more effective on Nightmare Difficulty.


Related Items

Other animi are unlocked by defeating the Ancient Dragon in The Summit on at least Insane Difficulty while playing other hero classes. Note that these familiars can only be equipped by their corresponding hero class (e.g. an Apprentice or Adept can only equip the Apprentice Animus).

Hero Guardians

Hero Animi

Survival Rewards

Challenge Rewards

Achievement Rewards

Non-conventional Pets

Exclusive Pets

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