The Apprentice Guardian is a type of Familiar. It improves the damage of one or more nearby hero defenses.

  • The number of defenses it may boost at a given time may only be upgraded once every 10 pet levels, up to a maximum of 5 defenses.
  • Improved defenses will gain a small but noticeable purple sparkle.
  • The Defense DamageBoost stat is functionally capped at 40 (~2.7x damage), with anything over this being wasted stats just for show.
  • The Guardian might waste its boosting effect on structures that gain no benefit from it, like the Magic Blockade - so it needs to be positioned precisely to affect towers which can use its boost.


  • Acquired by completing The Summit on Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty as an Apprentice.
  • Increased chance of being found in the Tavern Shop after completing The Ramparts on at least medium difficulty.
  • Defense will be boosted in Pure Strategy mode.


  • Originally an Event for iOS users that lost their save file via the 4.2 update. Those who submitted an application got one of the 4 Guardian Heroes.
  • Tegra 2 device exclusive.

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