All Avorgian's Apprentice Guide By Avorgian Version:1.0.0


The apprentice


My name is Avorgian and I am known by my friends in the community as "The purple mage" mainly because purple is my favourite colour but more importantly for this guide I play mages to the highest standard possible this includes the Apprentice in dungeon defenders!

Let's begin!

First off, The stats of an apprentice

Here I shall detail the stats you will be looking into stat distribution later.

Player Health

Hero Health Icon

Hero Health
  • How much damage you can take in battle
  • When it reaches zero, You die!
  • It most likely won't be very high so beware

Player Damage

Hero Damage Icon

Hero Damage
  • Sets your minimum and maximum damage
  • More numbers = More Damage
  • Is NOT your DPS

Player Speed

Hero Speed Icon

Hero Speed
  • Lets you run faster
  • 100 points = Double speed
  • 0 Points = Normal speed
  • Negative Points = Normal speed still
Player Rate

Casting rate Icon

Hero Cast Rate
  • Effects how fast you build and repair your units
  • Effects how quickly you heal yourself
  • It is NOT how quickly you attack

That's the hero stats out of the way let's move on to the stats for the Apprentice's famous towers!

Defense Health

Tower health Icon

Tower Health

  • Raises your towers health bar
  • When it reaches 0 they explode
  • It increases much faster then hero health

Defense Damage

Tower damage icon

Tower Damage
  • Scales your towers damage
  • More points = Bigger bang

Defense AOE

Area of effect icon

Tower AOE
  • Determines the effective range of your towers
  • Higher = Further
  • Negative points = Normal range

Defense Rate

Defense Attack Rate Icon

Tower Rate of Fire
  • Determines how fast your towers fire
  • Negative points = Normal Rate of fire

And Last but not least we have the 2 Appretice active skills!


Overcharge Icon

  • Increases your cast speed
  • Tower summoning and healing is included
  • Uses its mana cost per second

Mana Bomb

Mana bomb icon

Mana Bomb
  • Large AOE damage
  • Has a good knockback
  • Uses it's mana cost once

Your Towers Are Your Friends

Now we have a little bit about all your towers!

Magic Blockade

Magic Blockade Icon


Magic Blockade

Magic Blockade
  • Blocks enemies
  • Floats (Yes, I count that as a plus)
  • Blocks the same area as a Squire blockade
  • Removes an enemies elemental resist


Magic Missile Tower.

Magic Missile Tower

Magic Missile Icon.

Magic Missile
  • Damages enemies
  • Not very good on their own
  • Cheap
  • Not very costly with DU
  • Very rapid fire


Fireball Tower in game

Guide is unfinished, I ran out of time

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