All Beginner Builder Guide By Clutchpro Version:1.0.0

Becoming a pro builder is not very hard at all so below I will provide some tips for what to do to achieve your goal and become the builder.

  • First step get your character you want to build with up to at least 74 so you can equip myth items.
  • Second step is go host your own game and hide it.
  • Third step would be to select the map you want to be a builder in and put it on Pure Strategy mode.
  • I would start out on insane to get practice on where you place your defense units. (When playing in other people games just watch the builders that are in there they usually place the du in the proper places. But then again everyone has their own set up. Also while the round is going take a look at what the defense units are doing and if they are effective at that location)
  • Fourth step is to build your stats to achieve great ownage for NMHC maps to get all the pro items. (Everyone likes different types of armor so I won't get into details about armor or weapon set up. But as for pets I would use the sea horse/giraffe for my builder pet with all the stats put into the base damage. )

Building Tips

  • The most important thing for building is your stats to be set up for defenses without doing so your build will be very weak and will never get very far.
  • NMHC maps are a changelle for everyone but the only way to get pro at that map is to keep trying set up differently if some thing is not working. Remember to always watch your defenses to see if they are being effective.
  • Utilize all characters for your build so what I mean is get your four heroes to be set up for building then set up different defenses using everything you can to win. (The Summoner is now a very great help to win because they don't use up the defense units but they do have minion units so only one summoner per server is useful. )
  • If you are still have problems I find it is easier some times to just watch it in action through YouTube and see how they have set up the map and try to remember what goes where :).

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