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Boxing Mitten
"The training weapon of an arena champion. Tremendous knockback!"
Class Monk
Level Req.: N/A
MaxDamage/Upgrade 126 melee

80 range

Location Presidential Battle Royale
Sample Stats
Transcendent Poisonous Boxing Mitten stats

The Boxing Mitten is a Monk weapon. It is awarded after winning the Presidential Battle Royale. After completing the challenge also becomes a core drop weapon.

The weapon has a very fast attack rate, but has a small attack range.


  • The Boxing Mitten's knockback is almost always 100, regardless of the weapon's quality. It is the only Monk weapon to have a knockback stat.
  • Also regardless of quality and stats, the Boxing Glove always has a retail value of 1,776 mana— an allusion to the year the United States Declaration of Independence was written.
  • Its projectiles are white balls with blue & red trails. The explode into fireworks upon impact with a surface or opponent.
  • Projectiles fire in a unique 2/2/2 pattern rather than the traditional 1/1/2/1/1.

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Boxing Mitten projectile

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