Please place only confirmed, widespread bugs here. If you believe you've found a bug, please discuss it in the talk page first. If you have a problem, discuss it in the talk page. Thank you.
  • Upgrading a ranged weapon with 29 or more upgrades' (mostly bows or guns) projectile speed only results in a ridiculously high mana value. This can be exploited to fill the mana cap of 50 million by spending only a few million on one 30 upgrade bow (fixed on 7.12; possibly exploitable on consoles).
  • Similarly upgrading a ranged weapon's projectile speed high enough bypasses the range nerf of CTF, Assault, Turkey Hunt, and Hall of Heroes.
  • The controller keybinds in the config menu do not appear to save, and sometimes the trigger buttons on the controller have no functionality whatsoever. This may be related to the Windows 7 operating systems.

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