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PC Only Content
Information on this page is PC specific.
Propeller Cat
Race: Cat
Attack Type: Boosts Heroes
Special: Jetpack
Sample Stats
The Propeller Cat is both a pet and an interactable NPC. The Propeller Cat is awarded for reaching wave 25 of Sky City on either Survival and Pure Strategy mode.


  • The pet functions like an Apprentice Guardian, but gives boosts to heroes rather than towers. Damage dealt by boosted heroes is multiplied by a factor of (1.1 + ((Boost/20)^0.835) * 0.145), where "Boost" is the Propeller Cat's "Boost Intensity" stat.
  • The pet buff stacks with the Monk's hero boost
  • The Boost Intensity Stat can spawn at a maximum of 140. Since the maximum amount of upgrades possible is 254, the highest possible Boost Intensity stat is 224, and that would require putting no points into number of boosted heroes. 

Boost Scaling Table

Boost Intensity Stat Damage Multiplier


75 1.5372
100 1.6559
125 1.7698
150 1.8799
175 1.9870
179 2.0039
200 2.0917
224 2.1900



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