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Welcome to the Console Walkthrough Guide. This guide will go through advanced techniques and walkthroughs of various catergories including Mana Farming, EXP Farming, Character Levels 0-70, and Walkthroughs of the first 13 main missions. First things first, I'll explain different types of Hero and Builds suited well for them that works on consoles:


With Dungeon Defenders being a tower defense RPG the most obvious way to play this game is to build towers. However, many people get confused with how exactly to format their character(s). In a PURE tower build, no points are put into hero health, damage or speed, occasionally very few are put into casting rate and the rest is placed into tower health, attack damage, attack range and firing rate. Having a tower build is practically a MUST for soloing levels.


Another way to approach the gameplay of Dungeon Defenders is to do pure damage to the countless mobs. For this people put points into hero health, damage, speed and the special abilities of the hero. As powerful as DPS characters can be, it is usually best to have a Tower Build too.


By far the most common build on consoles is a hybrid build, especially for beginners to the game. A hybrid build has an average tower damage and average DPS too, with neither of the two being more powerful. This build is good for soloing and for damaging bosses but levels may take a tiny bit longer to complete.


Upon creating your first character there are difficulty levels underneath them, and although people generally ignore this, DON'T! The reason for the difficulty levels will become apparent in later missions.

  • APPRENTICE (easy):

As the difficulty says, an apprentice is the easiest character to begin with. With decent ranged towers it is easy to sit back and level up. But, as with all characters, the apprentice is complemented by the traps of the others.

  1. Tower Apprentice: Having a tower apprentice from the start will make the campaign missions unbelievably easy for you. Putting points into Tower Damage from the start will make them really powerful. After adding attack rate points and Tower range, an apprentice tower is a force to be reckoned with. Also, if you can obtain a good weapon, you can still 1-hit mobs on the lower difficulties.
  2. DPS Apprentice: For those moments when you just feel that firepower is necessary, DPS apprentices are great. If you have a good staff and a decent set of armour (I'll explain later), you can hit high with an apprentice.
  3. Hybrid Apprentice: So you like the sound of crazy tower damage AND a high DPS? Well unfortunately you can't have both at once (sad face :'c). You CAN however, have a hybrid... The towers aren't quite as powerful as a pure tower build and the DPS isn't as high as it could be but with a hybrid build you can still do decent tower damage and DPS. This is most common for new players to make.

  • SQUIRE (medium):

Although Dungeon defenders gives this character a medium rating, in my opinion the Squire should also be considered easy like the apprentice.

  1. Tower Squire: A tower squire is good for all maps as the traps do generic damage and unlike the others aren't dependant on resistant mobs being harmed by them. Placing all the points into tower damage and roughly 50 in the other tower areas is a definite must to be a good tower squire. Don't worry about DPS though as weapons like The High Five and Malificar's Rapier can be used to aid you if you don't have a DPS character.
  2. DPS Squire: Usually a second choose (after the huntress) for DPS, the squire can cut through mobs with ease with a decent weapon and all points into Hero health, damage and speed, with the remainder in the blood rage ability. DPS Squires typically have high health and can hit up to 100k DPS with the right equipment.
  3. Hybrid Squire: The most common type of squire and a good choice for new starters. The damage of the towers is relatively decent and the DPS can still be nearing 100k with the right weapon. A very good choice for playing online with as a hybrid can both set up defenses and cut through most mobs.

  • HUNTRESS (hard):

Although the huntress may be ok for the first few missions, it soon gets obvious why Trendy decided to make her under the "hard" category.

  1. Tower Huntress: The tower huntress or "traptress" as also known is good for compensating other classes. Most attempts at trying to complete the campaign as the huntress alone are futile, with only elite players really being able to do it. This doesn't mean that traptresses are bad at what they do, the traps they set can still be very useful.
  2. DPS Huntress: The most common use for a huntress. The ability to attack from afar and still do high damage is one of the best things about the huntress. The piercing shot ability is also good for ogres and bosses. Get a good weapon and you'll definitely be a force to be reckoned with.
  3. Hybrid Huntress: Yet again, a good starting path for newer players. The ability to set traps down and then attack from afar isn't very unique about the huntress, but the efficiency of it is. A good set of armour, a good pet and weapon are good to equip to a hybrid, with points raging everywhere.

  • MONK (expert):

Like the huntress, the monk is ok for the first few levels but trying to solo the campaign with it is "Insane" (pardon the pun). The monk complements the squire MASSIVELY though when built right.

  1. Tower Monk: When accompanied by squire defenses the monk auras seem to double their worth. Be careful not to make the aura radius too large though because, unlike pc, we can't minimize them in-game and they may not fit where you want them too.
  2. DPS Monk: When compared to the DPS of the other characters the monk may seem petty in comparison. However, with the correct assortment of armour and weapons, a DPS monk is still pretty powerful. Just don't expect to live up to Huntress-hitting standards.
  3. Hybrid Monk: By far the most common type of monk seen online, able to help out with his auras and still keep a relatively stable DPS. Hybrid monks are very popular with tower-build characters for their auras and it is often easy to place auras without upsetting anyone.

So still stuck with what character to use? There's only one way forward really, and that's to experiment with them all!

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