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The Cowboy Monkey pet is awarded for reaching wave 15 of the Karathiki Jungle or wave 25 of the Akatiti Jungle  tower defense-style maps on either Survival and Pure Strategy mode for the PC, or from being a PlayStation Plus member. It shoots bananas that heal the player at close range and damage enemies from a distance. Its stats vary depending on the difficulty on which it is earned.

Unlock Conditions

  • Players must note that even after completing a pet's unlock conditions, it may not immediately be available for sale at the Tavernkeep.
  • The chance of an unlocked pet being available for sale at the tavern shop is dependent on its rarity.


  • Does ranged physical damage.
  • Has significantly less DPS than a Seahorse, but the Monkeys much greater attack range can make it a viable choice in some situations.
  • Its projectiles will pierce small enemies, but not walls or large enemies.
  • It will only heal you when there are no enemies in range for it to shoot at, thus making it's heal ability relatively useless.
  • Comes in Multiple colors.

Hero Guardians

Hero Animi

Survival Rewards

Challenge Rewards

Achievement Rewards

Exclusive Pets

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