Spawn a Portal to the Crystalline Dimension by Collecting All Four Lost Eternia Shards!

The Crystalline Dimension is a mysterious world located in another dimension, far from Etheria itself. It is the location of the captured legendary heroes, the heroes' parents.

This map features several enhanced enemies, as well as crystalline manifestations of the heroes & every boss encountered throughout the main campaign from the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards maps (excluding the Goblin Battlecruiser.)

2012-08-20 00034

Portal from the crystalline dimension

After defeating all crystalline boss monsters, the Old One appears and must be defeated in order for the heroes to reunite with their parents. Each legendary hero must be defended in succession. Each new hero will need new defenses due to the maps changing; if you fail at any point of this event you must restart from the first map.


Players can access the Crystalline Dimension through a portal in the Tavern. (For console players, the portal is located once you play one of the DLC maps on a difficulty you have beaten all 4 on.) The portal will only spawn after the player collects all four Lost Eternia Shards in succession: Purple (Mistymire Forest), Blue (Moraggo Desert Town), Yellow (Aquanos) and Red (Sky City). It is important that the portal will be only available for one difficulty if the owner of the tavern got the 4 crystals on the same or higher difficulty AND the same mode for hardcore (HC).

Console Note: the portal to the Crystalline Dimension is found in the Sky City map.


  • Mystimire Forest on hard HC
  • Moraggo Desert on medium HC and insane no HC
  • Aquanos on medium HC and hard no HC
  • Sky City on hard HC
  • portal without HC is available for hard or lower and the portal with HC is available for medium or lower (because Morrago+Aquanos WITH HC were only beaten on medium).


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