This is a Thread that has all the event items listen on it :

Event items are items received from official Trendy-sponsored in-game events. As of 2014, there are no further events so all event items must be traded for from other players who have previously received them.

Because of the hacking-driven inflation of mana, event items are usually traded for using alternate currencies such as Weighted Companion Cubes or Coal or purchased (against Trendy's recommendations) using real-world money, often through PayPal.

Event Items with Special Effects

Item Description
Mana Master

Like other Genie pets, grants hero mana with every attack

Max rate of ~550 mana every 3 seconds

Howling Werewolf Projectiles pierce both walls and enemies
Admiral Djinn Projectiles attack with every elemental type simultaneously (fire, lightning, poison, generic)
Greater Magicite of Wind Possible 20% run speed boost in addition to stats (unconfirmed)

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