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it's best to play as a monk with x4 ensnare auuras and lots of electric auras and two healing auras, though make sure to kill all the lightning+\poison resistance enemies.
Recommended Level: N/A
Foundries and Forges
Foundries and Forge
Map Information
Number of Crystals Number of Waves Defense Units Starting Mana
Crystal Classic 6 80 200
Hazards Mana Per Round
Lava 160
Unlikely Allies
Spawn List
GoblinIconHard DarkElfArcherIconHard OrcIconHard KoboldIconHard WyvernIconHard DarkElfMageIconHard DarkElfWarriorIconHard SpiderIconHard DjinnIconNightmare OgreIconHard
Survival Wave 15 Reward
Steam Robot
The Deeper Well Foundries and Forges Magus Quarters Alchemical Laboratory Servants Quarters
Castle Armory Hall of Court The Throne Room Royal Gardens The Ramparts
Endless Spires The Summit Glitterhelm Caverns Mobile: Oakvale Crossing
DLC Lost Eternia Shards: Mistymire Forest Moraggo Desert Town Aquanos
Other DLC: Karathiki Jungle City in the Cliffs

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