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Moving Core is a challenge that takes place in Royal Gardens. Instead of three Eternia Crystals, only one is present on the map, which moves slowly along a fixed course. When Combat Phase starts, it proceeds to move along this path. When a wave completes, it stops at its current location until the next Combat Phase.

Build Strategy

Effective builds for this challenge include

  • Combating Dark Elf Archers and Dark Elf Mages from hitting the crystal when it nears spawn points
  • Preventing Wyverns from reaching the crystal, wherever the crystal may be
  • Killing Ogres that spawn from the eastern doors
Note the path of the crystal pictured; it does not deviate from this set path, so players can create builds around this accordingly. The areas in yellow are where players must exercise extra caution to not allow any ranged enemies to hit the crystal (as they can very easily do so while inside spawn doors).

If clearing waves in average time, the challenge offers just enough time for the crystal to complete one entire loop.

An extremely easy and effective build for this challenge is to simply pace Inferno Traps, Gas Traps, and Darkness Traps as close each spawn door as possible. Placing blockades towards the eastern gates is also recommended, as Ogres will spawn from that location. Do not place them too close to the spawn doors though, because Ogres may be able to hit your defenses through the wall!

Combat Strategy

Countering Wyverns on this map is tricky, as they have no set flight path (since the crystal is always moving). Players can deal with them via one of two strategies:

  • Bring a DPS familiar and have your hero stand on top of the crystal, killing each as they approach it.
  • Place defenses along the expected path the crystal will take during that wave- once the wave completes, sell those defenses, and move them to defend further locations along the expected path.

If soloing or playing as a group, it is recommended to keep all players as close to the crystal as possible, straying only to eliminate any Ogres that threaten the integrity of your defenses.


Successfully completing all waves on Insane or Nightmare difficulty rewards each player with the Quiescence, a Squire weapon resembling a light saber.

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