Guardians are a special type of familiar that have no attack of their own, but greatly boost one of the stats of one or more nearby defenses.


  • Boosted defenses will gain a small but noticeable purple sparkle in the middle of the defense.
  • Guardians can affect from one to five defenses at a time depending on its "number of defenses to boost" stat.
  • While in a group, if two players have the same guardian they will not boost the same defense. However, two players with different guardians can boost the same defense.

There are four types of guardians:


There is a cap set at a boost value of 40. Any points in the boost stat beyond 40 will not have any effect. Some guardians start over this cap, but they are still capped in the code to a boost level of 40.

There is a cap set at a boost range of 90. Any points in the boost range stat beyond 90 will not have any effect. Some guardians start over this cap, but they are still capped in the code to a boost range of 90. (Range cap set in PC patch 7.25c)


Click an image for an animation.


Guardian Familiars came about when Trendy Entertainment released their 4.2 iOS update. The 4.2 update included a new backup feature as well as some hacking prevention coding. This coding, however, caused users to have their save file (.dun) replaced with a backup file (.bak) which was empty. All iOS users who updated to 4.2 lost their Heroes. Trendy Entertainment issued an Official Apology and told the community that they would make up for the loss of their Heroes.

After announcing the Guardian Familiars the Android users started to protest, some even stating that they would want their Heroes deleted so they could get a Guardian too. Nothing was officially mentioned about what Android would get, if anything, to compare to the Guardians. When v5.0 went live for Android, players noticed these new Animus Familiars in the patch notes.

When v5.0 was released, some players noticed a different version of Dungeon Defenders: FW on the Android Market for Tegra 2 CPU's Dungeon Defenders FW Deluxe. After someone posted a picture of the Squire Guardian, iOS players become upset that their Guardian was no longer an exclusive for their loss.

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