Ramparts setup 1
Farming items in DunDef is not always the easiest thing to do but if you have the right character with the right stats then its easier than taking candy from a baby!​​
  • To get your farming started you will need "The Ramparts" unlocked, if you have a squire with all upgrade points put in to tower Health/Attack (and maybe some into Attack rate and range) Then it will be pretty easy to do, just let your defenses do the work!
  • If you have friends you can team up with, go ahead! The more higher level characters in a game the better the items will get. (just because if you have 1 level 70 character and everybody else is a much lower level the items will go in their favor!)
  • After you completed "The Ramparts" on at least Hard difficulty you should have gotten a couple of godly items and quite a lot of Legendary/Epic weapons and Armour.
  • Once you have "Endless Spires" unlocked try and complete the first wave of Hard diffiluty without any defenses, this is mostly easiset with a ranged character such as the Huntress/Hunter or Apprentice. The first wave will only have 25 enemies (if you are on your own that is!) which will be pretty easy to kill if you have a high enough character.
  • After you killed all the enemies go ahead and open up the Mana chests, these will some time include some really high level items (on console very rarely level 83 items can be found!) some chests will not drop anything but others might contain some level 74-83 items.

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