All Guide to finishing the Wizardry challenge By Clutchpro Version:1.0.0

This is a guide to finishing the wizardry challenge on nightmare hardcore this qualifies you to earn the Transcendent Challenge Champion award.

It is actually very simple I did it with my friend he was using an EV builder and i was using my Barbarian i recommend doing it on duo as the number of enemies will be much lower.

In the build phase of the first wave the EV builder has to put bot physical and reflection walls around the two crystals so that the crystals are in a box, there should be enough mana to do that, then the first wave is very easy as wizards only come through two doors and there are only 4 wizards so basiclly each one can hold one door (you can use a Djinnlet to get mana from the wizards and let them heal thereselves but that was not necessary)

After the first wave the EV should place reflectors around the entries to the crystals but should not put physicals so that the wizards are collected in the areas around the crystals to be easy targets and each hero should protect 1 crystal and upgrade the defenses it is going to get a bit harder after the second wave but if the walls are well repaired it should be easy.

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