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Welcome to the new Guides section of The Archives of Etheria. Here you can find guides of all features of the game Dungeon Defenders. Some guides are featured on the Dungeon Defenders official forums. All guides are created and maintained by users and players of Dungeon Defenders. Feel free to ask questions in the comments of those guides or contact the writer on their user pages.

To find guides in a specific section use the tabs below. Below you can find short descriptions of each section. To have a Guide added please visit Report A New Guide. You'll find guides on how to use each character. In them you will find how to use the squire and apprentice.

Search for a guide:
Create a new guide: Wanted Guides - Adopt A Guide

These below are the descriptions of what you can find under each tab. Under each you will find four main sections PC, Console, Mobile, and All. PC will have guides specific to only PC such is so with Console and Mobile. The All section will have guides that applies to all platforms.

Tab Descriptions
General A great section for beginners who want some tips and tricks on the game. You can also find guides about Familiars, Weapons, and even Armor
Heroes Choosing your first hero can be tough. You can build specific heroes to certain types. Check this section out for all your options.
Campaign There is much rewards given at higher difficulties. And it doesn't get much harder than Nightmare. Find out what gear you need to take on such a challenge.
Challenges Discover what you are doing wrong every time you fail on the last wave. Here you can find tips and tricks of the challenges found in the game.
Achievements Have you caught 'em all? Find the guides on how to reach the milestone achievements or trophies.
Technical Want to create the best next map of Dungeon Defenders? Then here is your place. Not only will you find guides of developing content, but also how to back up your saves.

  • Weapons and Armors
  • Towers
  • Familiars
  • Secrets
  • Weapons and Armors
  • Towers
  • Familiars
  • Secrets
  • Weapons and Armors
  • Towers
  • Familiars
  • Secrets

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