All Help With Itembox Full By JoGioMan Version:1.0.0

You know the problem. When you have too much nice stuff in you're item box and if you drop it in your tavern everyone can grab the item and it is gone like a modded weapon.

This is the tip:

In your tavern is a secret room. (You can get in to the room once you have beaten the last boss of the game at any difficulty setting, a neon sign on the tavern's second floor will light up.The sign will read OPEN. Once the sign has lit up, go and open the door. This will lead to the secret room. In it, you'll find 10,000 mana and 4 unique weapons. One form every character on the game. You can also change the music in the tavern.) Only you can go into the secret room so I suppose you can drop lots of weapons in this room so you're item box won't be everything where you can save your stuff!

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