All Helpful Tips For New Players By 14hainery Version:1.0.0


Hello Dun Def Fanatics, I have recently bought this game and have had an extremely fun time with it so far! This article is just some tips for newer players that will help a lot and make it more enjoyable for you!

1. I found the monk to be the easiest and best character for newer players to rank up fast, that is once you get your health up so you dont die in 1

2. Dont be afraid to ask people in your tavern/lobby if they have any stuff that you could have that they are not using. I know you might think this sounds stupid but more often than not they will give you free stuff.

3.Do not upgrade weapons until you have a good godly one that you will be using until lvl. 74 because you level up fast and by the time you have upgraded a weapon to its full potential you will already be a high enough lvl to use the next tier of weapons.

4.Do not forget about defenses when you are upgrading your character. If you do it right, at higher lvls you will barely even need to use your weapon! Powerful towers, turrets, traps, and auras will be enough to stop those nasty beasts.

5. Try to get high levels (70) of each type of character before lvling them up anymore, this way you can use each of their powers together in a game to protect your crystals.

6. Speed is very important, when you are on one side of the map and your crystal is being attacked on the other, you must be able to get there lightning fast or else you will be defeated and that just plain sucks.

7. Sell all things that you will not need, go through your stash every couple games and lock things you need and press sell all. This will also get you enough money for your weapons and pets along the way.

8. Dont take things too seriously. This is important, dont rage at someone who forgets to g up to start the round, just ask them nicely and things will go better. Remember, its just a game!

I hope this helps a lot of newer players and if you want more tips and help, just message me.

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