1. Presentation

The first boss of the game can be easily defeated. His most powerful ability is his flames. it deals damages over time ( near 5 seconds ), and often kill the weak heroes. Here is the map, with the place where towers have to be placed.

2. Strategy


(this has been created thanks to, it's a great tool, easy to use. There is just a small problem, if someone has the response ... how get the map after made it ? I'm doing screenshot whose I modify then.)

As you may see, the deadly towers are 5, and so, charged to deal tons of damage to the boss. This strategy has an advantage ; the life of the boss will go down very fast, but a drawback too ; if you spend too much time and do not kill the boss quickly, the electrical towers will be overcharged, and so, you will lose, thanks to a wave of goblins. For the choice of the heroe(s), an apprentice alone, or an apprentice helped by a squire is still the best. The squire can, why not, replaced by another stealthy heroe, but never tried it. Against this boss, it is very important to have at least one tank, cause else, Lord Devil will destroy your towers one after one, which will make you lost.

3. Tips

  1. You MUST move, always ! Moving help you to survive, and protect you from bosses' flames.
  1. Don't forget the tesla towers, destroy them will firstly dealing damage to the boss, secondly blocked him and so, make your towers focusing him, but also let your team alive for a small time. You can use this time to spell mana bomb, place towers or traps, which is harder when the boss can move.
  1. If you haven't got a mates specialized in tanking, you can simply use a weapons' squire to /parer/ the attacks of the boss.


1. Presentation
While the Goblin Mech seems funny, he's able to important damage on multi-target, by his rockets, or by his circular movement.
The rockets follow you at the end, so, just jump won't always save you. Personnally, I find staying behind a column or towers' squire better.
Against the circular movement, don't stay near the boss, cause the range of this skill is quite short.

2. Strategy


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