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The Hyper Rifle is a Huntress / Ranger weapon. It is awarded for completing Moonbase on any difficulty as a Huntress or Ranger and is one of the possible rewards for the Summoner (potentially also Series EV and Jester, untested).


  • Its maximum damage upgrade does not differ between Mythical and Ultimate quality.
  • It bears little visual similarity to previous rifle-type weapons such as Blasticus and Blaster Rifle.
  • Similarly its firing method differs, firing 2 lasers 6 times a second.
  • It also includes elemental damage.

Other map rewards


  • At high upgrade levels this weapon loses out to the Blaster Rifle due to a lower damage per upgrade. However, as Moonbase can be farmed quicker than the Tinkerer's Lab, it may be a useful precursor.

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