Insane+ is an additional difficulty exclusive to consoles. It is perfect for players who want a bit more of a challenge to a level/map. This difficulty can be on all servers including: Europe, U.S.A, etc.

Made by PotatoNutz!

What does It Do?

Insane+ is a difficulty that adds more health and more damage to the enemy. In some cases the enemy would have doubled in Strength and HP, but it does not offer much more XP and it does not change the color of the enemies (they remain red).

What are the rewards?

The rewards for completing Insane+ on harder maps consists of  very powerful godly items that require Levels 70 or higher, but completing it on easier maps such as "Deeper Well" and "Foundries and Forges" offers weaker rewards.

How do I unlock Insane plus?

There is no need to unlock it, it's already there! you just need to press the Right Bumper Twice on the Insane icon to get Insane+!

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