If you dont have the time to go into dungeons for become some money.I can Help you in the next Steps i wil Explain you how to get infinite Money Very Easily :) i hope you Will enjoy This Page .. ( I dont know if that works on the Pc but i know that its worked on Console if You add me on Ps3 :) Gs_Kisame ) Lets Start.

Get a weapon that has a high Sell Price you will Become one if you do The "No Towers Allowed Challenge" (you can do it with all items)

Here is a little Picture how you can easy done it on Insane (Blue Points are hunters the Viollet one is the Crystal )

So then you Upgrade this Weapon if it had a good Price to Sell Go into the First Mission

And throw it out your inventory then Press the Crystal and if there Stand Combat phase Pick it up very Fast

then its in your Defenders Chest and you will get the Mana how much it was worth

that you can do to have 200Million Mana

I hope i Could help you gain time for the Whole mana Save

One This Youtube site you Can Look That Little Video From my Friend Jerobi37 how explain it very Nice

So You Can see That it Works ;) [[1]]

I hope i can Help you with this Little Guide/Tutorial hope for some Feedback

And have fun with your MANA!! ;)

From Gs_Kisame2

For All Dungeon defenders Gamers

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