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The Jester is an additional hero class that is available as part of the Jester Hero DLC. It was released for the PC August 8, 2012. Trendy revealed in the 7/25/12 DunDef Digest that it was free for two weeks following its initial release, where it is now priced at $3.99 USD (not including sales).[1]

There are no future plans for a console release.

Promotional Description

A sly trickster in the service of the royal court, the Jester will provide long-time fan-requested capabilities and unique combat and defensive strategies.

What will this harlequin defender bring to the table?



The Jester utilizes three different sizes of presents: Small (2 DUs), Deluxe (3 DUs) and Extravagant (4 DUs). Contents can include a random Tower given to you for less DUs (than when summoned by the corresponding hero class), equipment, or mana. Presents can also spawn Ogres. Presents are opened when destroyed or at the start of a round.


  • Wheel o' Fortuna - Opens up a little Slot Machine-like minigame. The outcome varies depending on the combinations you get (e.g., all goblins or crystals). This can vary from upgrading all hero defenses to making all enemies golden.
  • Move Defenses - Allows a placed hero defense to be moved around the battlefield within the radius. Note that mana is consumed upon clicking the ability, not after moving a defense as the ability lets you move as many defenses as you want to for the single mana cost.  Also note that Series EV and monk defenses cannot be moved.


The Jester has the ability to wield two of any class weapon, with the ability to switch between them at will (much like Series EV) with the exception that the Jester can wield ANY weapon.

Jester's Costumes


  • A Jester is a professional clown belonging to a medieval court.
  • Preliminary concept art for both the Jester and Summoner was released in late 2011.


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