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The Kobold on Treadmill is rewarded for completing wave 35 on Bonus: Tavern Defense or Akatiti Jungle on either Survival or Pure Strategy mode.

Similar to the Giraffe on Treadmill and the Pet Rock, the Kobold on Treadmill does not have any offensive or defensive stats. However, it provides a much larger increase to stats than most other Familiars.

The stats of the Kobold on Treadmill can reach up to 600, just like the Pet Rock, but without the speed penalty thus making this pet often a better choice.

Unlock Conditions


  • The Kobold on Treadmill cannot attack enemies.
  • It can have stats up to 600
  • It can be upgraded 1 time as minimum or 275 times as maximum.


  • On the day of release the inventory icon of the Kobold on Treadmill was the icon of the Giraffe on Treadmill instead. This was fixed in update 7.43b a day later.
  • A Kobold on a treadmill can be seen next to a giraffe on a treadmill in the Tavern's secret room.
    • Kobold on Treadmill dropped
    • Kobold on Treadmill in secret room

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