The Laser Robot is a pet that is awarded for reaching wave 15 of Alchemical Laboratory or The Throne Room on Survival and Pure Strategy mode. On the latter level it is named "DarkBot".


  • Other names include: Destructoid, Hurtz, Bzzt, Gort, Marvin, Bishop, Smoking Spaceman, Optimus Prime or DarkBot (The Throne Room).
  • Can be bought with mana at the Tavernkeep
  • Attacks with laser beams from its eyes that pierce both enemies and walls.

Unlock Conditions

  • Players must complete Alchemical Laboratory or The Throne Room to unlock this pet.
  • Players must note that even after completing a pet's unlock conditions, it may not immediately be available for sale at the Tavernkeep.
  • The chance of an unlocked pet being available for sale at the tavern shop is dependent on its rarity.


  • As of PC patch 7.16c, the Laser Robot deals 50% less damage on Nightmare Difficulty.

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