Another Trendy mystery with zero explanation.

The Legendary Mage or Grand Magus, is the father of the Apprentice, together with the three other Legendary Heroes they leave off for a quest far away, as shown in the intro movie of the game. Leaving the player to protect Eternia.

In the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLC's it's revealed that the parents went on a quest to imprison the Old One.


  • The Legendary Archmage is the Apprentice's long lost father.
  • The level Magus Quarters might be the domain of the "Grand Magus", the Legendary Apprentice.
  • The Legendary Mage can be seen in one of the windows of the The Throne Room.
  • The Legendary Mage appears as a costume for the Apprentice after defeating the Old Ones.

See Also

There are currently four known parents of the original four hero classes:

  • The Legendary mage can be seen above the fireplace in the Tavern.



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