All Level 70 Quick & Easy! By Seriphia Version:1.0


New To The Game

If you are new to the game I "DO NOT" recommend power leveling to 70 as it can ruin gameplay pretty fast. For my friends and I doing all the levels on Medium together (2-3 of us in one house) was quite enjoyable, and it helps later in-game with strategic builds, and so-on.

But if you wish to, the easiest way that I know of is to get a friend to power level you, or if you have already beaten the campaign and still a level less than 70 do Glitterhelm Caverns on the hardest difficulty you can do, which is MOST likely not Insane if you are reading this guide.

Already Have A Level 70+

If you already have a level 70+ with decent stats you can power level all your characters to level 70+ very quickly. Start doing Glitterhelm Caverns on Insane Hardcore Survival Video: (

That video should help you power level your characters if you have a Squire/Summoner at least level 70.

Other Ways To Level To 70 Fast

  • Mistymire Forest; Insane/Nightmare
  • Morrago Desert Town; Survival
  • Aquanos; Insane/Nightmare
  • Sky City; Insane/Nightmare
  • Talay Mining Complex Hard/Insane/Nightmare
  • King's Game; Nightmare Hardcore Survival
  • Tavern Defense; Nightmare Pure Strategy

Set Bonuses

(PC, Mobile & Console) When you equip armor of all the same type in every slot, every piece gains a bonus in all stats on the armor. You will know this is in effect when you see a pulsing cyan square around the armor icon's border. Pets and weapons do not gain this bonus. All armor up to Godly item quality gains 25% boost on all stats. (The math for the bonus is 1+ an extra bonus point every 4 levels starting at level 5. So at 1=2, 5=7, 8=10, 9=12, etc.). For set bonuses for armor sets of greater than Godly item quality, refer to the table below.

Armor Set Quality Set Bonus
Cursed - Godly 25%
Mythical 30%
Transcendent 33%
Supreme 36%
Ultimate 40%g

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