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Mage's Sword

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Mage's Sword
Class Apprentice
Level Req.: N/A
Type Apprentice Sword
MaxDamage/Upgrade 48
Location Area 3
Sample Stats
Supreme Flaming Evoker's Fang stats

The Mage's Sword is an Apprentice weapon. It is a core drop weapon.


  • Other names include: Royal Spellblade, Invoker's Spike, Evoker's Fang, Mystic's Saber, Aeriform's Hand of Justice, Martial Sorcery, Arcanist's Edge, Summoner's Point and Conjurer's Brand.
  • The weapon has the appearance of a sword but its attacks still match that of an ordinary apprentice staff. Each shot has the sound of a sword being drawn from its sheath.

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