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The Magic Missile Tower (a.k.a. MM) is the very first tower available to the Apprentice / Adept and has a low cost of 40 mana and 3 Defense Units.

Unlike the Fireball and Lightning Towers, the Magic Missile Tower deals non-elemental damage. However, it is a single target, non-splash damage dealing tower, limiting its use against the large quantities of mobs typically found on more difficult game modes.

Attack Speed Break Points

The table highlights various break points for the Apprentice's Magic Missile Tower in relation to points put into 'Defense Attack Rate'. Take note these are soft break points and that every point effects the attack rate or rate of fire. Because of the way the game rounds down to the nearest hundredth, each row going down the ARD column has a range of corresponding APS values. For example, 6.5 and 7.0 attacks per second would both be displayed as '0.07'. This is because '1 / 7 / 2' is about '0.0769' and '1 / 6.5 / 2' is about '0.0714'. This is based off the formula 1 / x / 2 = y, where x is the attack rate displayed in game, and y is the attacks per second.

DAR: Points point into 'Defense Attack Rate'.
ARD: The attack rate displayed in game.
APS: The actual, average attacks per second.

0 1.40 0.356
1 1.07 0.465
14 0.49 1.020
38 0.33 1.471
73 0.25 1.924
121 0.20 2.381
199 0.16 2.942
267 0.14 3.334
373 0.12 3.847
450 0.11 4.167
552 0.10 4.546
690 0.09 5.001
883 0.08 5.556
1166 0.07 6.251
1600 0.06 7.143
2312 0.05 8.334
3595 0.04 10.01
  • These values does not take into account the effect of having a Huntress Guardian equipped or any other modifiers like the Series E.V. Tower Buff Beam.

Extra: A .05 Attack Speed tower will shoot at .02 with a Huntress Guardian with 20 Defense Boost.

Console Content:

At Defense Attack Rate 385 the Magic Missile fires at 3 attacks per second on the Xbox 360 Version of the Game.


  • At .00 Attack Speed the tower bounces between 31 and 33 shots per second.
Magic Missile Tower shot

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