Magus Quarters Insane Layout

A more or less simple way to farm Magus Quarters Survival on insane.

This build gets me to approx. Wave 10 without having to help, after that I only need to take care of the Ogres. When wave 15 starts occasionally a Warrior will get onto your towers and some Kobolds will get to your Blockades so make sure to keep an eye on Building health from this point on.

Wyverns are what causes most people to despair when farming this map, but with this build they're no problem.

You start off with the Monk auras in the middle, placing them as near as possible to the crystal. Next you do the auras on the sides, again as near as possible to the crystals and additionally to the mid auras.

Bring your Squire for the blockades, set them half way between the upper staircases (the ones that lead directly up to the crystal) and the mid staircases. This way the Ogres won't hit your towers while attacking the blockades. Anything else won't reach the blockades anyways.

Now it's Apprentice time.

Set 2 Fireball towers on each side, on the rail of the stairs (you know what i mean, don't you?^^) again as near as possible to the crystals.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the angle of the Fireball towers cover the stairs that lead towards the barricades as well as one side of the wyvern path. Every single of the 6 Fireball towers can be placed in a way that they are able to not only shot incoming ground mobs but also wyverns.

Now you place 4 MM towers on each side pointing directly towards the wyvern spawn. (the outer ones can again be placed to hit 2 pathes at the same time)

You will have 3 DU left. Place a MM tower in the middle so that you fit between that tower and the barrier.


Once you upgraded everything you just need to watch out for ogres only. After killing it/them you can go afk behind the mid barrier (the one that has a MM tower behind it, it will take care of the Ninjas)

Feedback is highly appreciated.

Have a good farm,

Veristaya 19:32, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

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