these maps are what you will be able to play on PC/console/mobile. most of them are reasonably easy. That's if you play online with other people of course. The best idea is to play on easy/medium, then level up and play them on hard/insane/nightmare. If you can, it's best to play with a friend to help on hard-nightmare and you will get loads of cool stuff from them. As well it will give you a load of exp to level up really fast. Some levels have a specific layout so you will have to think of: (a), a good strategy to beat it with, or (b), you'll need to use a specific character. For example, on magus quarters, you could place 2 harpoon turrets on each diagonal path.theyre awesome.
All Platforms
Area 1
The Deeper Well Foundries and Forges Magus Quarters Alchemical Laboratory DemonLordIcon
The Deeper Well
Foundries and Forge
Magus Quarters
Alchemical Laboratory

Area 2

Servants Quarters Castle Armory Hall of Court The Throne Room GoblinMechIcon
Servants Quarters
Castle Armory
Hall of Court
The Throne Room
Area 3
Royal Gardens The Ramparts Endless Spires The Summit AncientDragonIcon
Royal Gardens The Ramparts Endless Spires The Summit
Bonus Maps
Glitterhelm Caverns City in the Cliffs Talay Mining Complex Palantir
Glitterhelm Caverns Cityinthecliffs Talay Mining Complex Palantir
The King's Game

Tavern Defense

Winter Wonderland The Tinkerer's Lab
The Kings Game
Tavern Defense MiniMap
Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Maps
Mistymire Forest SpiderQueenIcon Moraggo Desert Town

Genie King

Aquanos KrakenIcon Sky City Air Ship Rip
Mistymire Forest
Moraggo Desert Town
Lost Eternia Shards Bonus Maps
Karathiki Jungle Akatiti Jungle
Karathiki Jungle
Akatiti Jungle
Challenge Maps
Frostdale Tree of Life Oasis Sky O' Love
Über Monster Fest
Tree of Life
Sky of Love
Shipwreck Ruins Etherian Mines Boss Rush
EtherianMines Minimap
Crystalline Dimension
Legendary Huntress Legendary Monk Legendary Mage Legendary Knight
Old One
Mobile Only
Oakvale Crossing The Hall of Doom!
Oakvale Crossing
The Hall Of Doom Map

these are all the maps!

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