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The Mega Chicken is a type of familiar. It is awarded by completing Wave 35 Survival or Pure Strategy on the map Tinkerer's Lab. Previously it was awarded for obtaining 36 Humongous Eggs during a retired in-game event.


The Mega Chicken is a combat-type pet; it attacks enemies and provides no unique ability or character benefits beyond those of its stats.

It is similar to the Chicken provided by earning Legendary Defender, but its icon is upside-down. Visually it has a metallic visual appearance on its underside that shows a reflection of the Magus Quarters floor regardless of the current level. Like the Chicken, it is never sold by the Tavernkeep.

When awarded from Tinkerer's Lab, Mega Chicken always spawns with a maximum upgrade level of 200. It is always Transcendent quality, but only requires characters to be level 70 to be equipped.

It is one of a few pets that has two methods of attack depending on its owner's distance from the nearest enemy; at long range it will launch a spread of 3 eggs toward the enemy, and at close range it will perform the tackle-style melee attack used by many pets. These attacks have the following properties:

  • The "peck" melee attack causes more damage over time than if all eggs were to hit.
  • The Knockback stat only affects the melee attack and usually generates negative (citation needed).
  • The Additional Projectiles stat always spawns at 2, which is also its cap. This only affects the ranged attack (resulting in 3 eggs).
  • Both attacks have a small AOE radius, damaging multiple enemies.
  • Both attacks' damage scales with the Hero Damage stat.

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