The Mini Ogre
Attack: Melee
Special: Poison Breath Projectile
Introduced: Original Creature

OgreIconEasy OgreIconMedium OgreIconHard OgreIconInsane OgreIconNightmare

The Mini Ogre was the first special event creature added to the game. It was released in the 2011 Halloween Spooktacular! event and is encountered in the Halloween Spooktacular challenge, Halloween Spooktacular 2 challenge, Servants Quarters (Nightmare only), and City in the Cliffs. Mini Ogres behave identically to standard Ogres, though is smaller and has less health.


  • Mini Ogres go 'trick-or-treating' on the final wave (wave 11) of the Halloween Spooktacular Challenge, as well as wave 11 of Spooktacular 2, meaning they spawn from all doors and in greater quantity than other enemies.

See also Ogres.

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