Monk is a hard hero to use he use's Aura's if your a tower Monk these Aura's will be great his Aura's are Ensnare Aura,Lightning Aura,Healing Aura,Strength Drain Aura and Enrage Aura

his weapons are Spears,Glaives,Clubs,Axes,Broadswords,Scythes,his attacks are good he has beams come out of his hands he's very fast he's a very fun character to use.

Ensnare Aura-Slows the enemies Great by Lightning Aura

Lightning Aura-Damages enemies Great by Ensnare Aura

Healing Aura-Heals Friends

Strength Drain Aura-Takes Damage down Great by Towers

Enrage Aura-When two enemies are in this Aura they fight each other


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