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Mythical Real Time Strategist is an achievement that is unlocked by completing the Original Campaign (Glitterhelm Caverns and City in the Cliffs included) and 3 Eternia Shards Missions in Nightmare using only summoned minions to damage enemies, except for the Final Wave. The three Eternia Shards Missions must be Misty, Morrago, and Aquanos. (Sky City does not count.)

Also,If you play with teammates,they MUST NOT to do damage with towers and weapons expect of the last wave. Otherwise, you'll lose your achievement mark on certain map.


  • Progress towards this achievement can be tracked; after the completion of each level, the player is awarded the "Mission Real Time Strategist" award if they have fulfilled the necessary criteria. Awards can be checked by viewing stats at the Tavern Crystal.
  • Any class can be used during the combat phase. ASummoner does not have to stay in Phase Shift Overlord mode.
  • Players may use any weapons, towers, or pets ONLY on the final wave.

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