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The Northern Staff is an Apprentice weapon. It is a random drop obtained from the Halloween Spooktacular! challenge, all Uber Monster Fest challenges, City in the Cliffs, Karathiki Jungle, Moraggo Desert Town or Mistymire Forest.


  • Other names for this weapon include: Winter's Cane.
  • This weapon has the words 'The North Pole' written on it.
  • While the weapon itself does not hold an upgradeable lightning damage stat, it adds a small percentage of heroic lightning damage to each projectile.
  • Unlike other staves, once fully upgraded to 5 additional projectiles, the staff fires all 6 projectiles in a flat fan-shaped pattern (as opposed to having the 6th projectile fire above the 1st directly down the center).


  • Projectile Appearance
  • Secondary Attack Appearance

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The North Pole - Awarded for defeating the Mega Snowman in the Etherian Holiday Extravaganza challenge as an Apprentice or Initiate.

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